Snapshot Review: VIII by H.M Castor

VIIIThis is a great book to pick up if you’re fan of the infa­mous Tudor king, no mat­ter what your age. VIII tells the story of Henry from a young prince through to his death and Cas­tor really suc­ceeds in bring­ing the prince to life, giv­ing emo­tion and moti­va­tion to her care­fully crafted char­ac­ter, while stay­ing true to his­tory.

There’s a lot to cover in just one book and inevitably some areas of Henry’s life are glossed over slightly, particularly some of his marriages. However, this is a period of history that has already been explored a lot – what’s fresh about VIII is that much of the book is based on Henry’s childhood and earlier years instead. It’s very much about the boy (and later, the man), himself, rather than the women in his life.

There is a hint of the para­nor­mal in VIII but it works well, Cas­tor is ambigu­ous enough to leave it up to the reader to decide whether Henry really was haunted, whether his upbring­ing and reli­gious beliefs led to his visions or whether he was a frag­ile young man, slowly going crazy.

An engag­ing story that I’d highly rec­om­mend for any­one with a love of history.


June Wrap-Up

There won’t be much of a ‘wrap-up’ this month as I suddenly realised I haven’t posted any reviews! It’s been a bit of a hectic month – on top of my internship, I started a new job up in London and I’m working long hours, with lots of travelling. I’ve been reading just as much as ever while commuting but I’ve had little time to sit down and write. It means reviews are going to be more spread out than when I first started Turn the Page. I’m doing some shake ups with the blog, the aim is to focus more on giving you guys well written and insightful reviews (I hope) and I’m ditching the ratings system. I hope you guys are all still here with me as I get to grips with managing this blog on a far more limited timeframe – I know a lot of blogs that I follow myself post almost every day and I simply cannot keep up with that level of posting.

Coming up this week, I have an author interview and giveaway with Victoria Lamb, about her new historical YA Witchstruck – which I loved.


Best of the Bunch in June



Easy by Tammara Webber


This is a perfect example of self-publishing done right. The only reason I can think of why this book wouldn’t be picked up for traditional publishing is because it falls under the elusive ‘New Adult’ category, a fact about which publishers are incredibly misguided (in my humble opinion) and the very reason why I was drawn to Easy in the first place. As a 23 year old – I want to be reading about protagonists my own age – experiencing living independently for the first time, studying, finding that first well paid job, negotiating university instead of high school.

I would urge anyone to pick up Easy – it is very well written, tackles the serious issue of sexual assault – something that unfortunately, a lot of women will likely encounter at some point in their lives, and has one hell of a hot, grown-up romance.

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