Mini Book Review: Fallen Grace by Mary Hooper

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

First Published: 7th June 2010

Format: Paperback

Pages: 320

Genre: Historical, YA

Recommended Reading Age: 14+

Rating: 7/10


‘London, 1861. Grace Parkes, a pale but determined figure, clutches a precious bundle closely to her. Grace has a heartbreaking duty to carry out…Each day Grace must find a new way of earning enough money to pay the rent for the bleak, cold room that she and her sister live in, and to buy them enough — just — to eat. But there is a another danger threatening Grace, a danger linked to an event in her past that she is desperate to forget. Grace has caught the eye of the Unwins, an unscrupulous family whose shady business dealings are those of death and mourning. The Unwins will stop at nothing to defraud Grace of what is rightfully hers…

I’ve haven’t had much luck with the two Mary Hooper’s books I’d read previously before picking this one up. She writes about such fascinating periods with such interesting subjects to anchor her story that I should love them, but I always find myself slightly disconnected, usually from the main character. I’m happy to say that wasn’t the case with Fallen Grace. In fact, I really enjoyed this book and am eagerly anticipating Hooper’s next release, Velvet, because of it. Continue reading