Illustrator Spotlight: Emma Yarlett


I caught up with fellow Falmouth graduate and rising picture book artist, Emma Yarlett, about her gorgeous new picture book Sidney Stella and the Moon.

What’s it like having your own picture book out there and so soon after graduating?

Such a whirlwind! I had always dreamed and hoped, but never expected that dream to become a reality so soon! For me it feels as though it has been quite a long process, as I began working on the beginning stages of this project way back in 2010, but it’s incredible to see how far the book has come especially since Templar took me on board!

Sid­ney, Stella and the Moon is your first picture book – can you tell us a bit about the whole process from start to finish? (Sorry – I know this is a pretty BIG question!)

This is a super big question! Hmmm… where to start. I guess like Julie Andrews says “I will start at the very beginning!!” I hope you are sitting very comfortably, might be worth getting a cup of tea and a biscuit! Continue reading


Illustrator Spotlight: Kelly Murphy

Hey guys. Welcome to the first Illustrator Spotlight post of 2013! I’ve been contacting lots of artists recently about taking part and was very excited when the talented Kelly Murphy replied saying she was happy to answer some questions about her work! Kelly has illustrated a lot of picture books and book covers, but it was the cover for Behind the Bookcase by Mark Steensland that first caught my eye. For those of you particularly interested in learning about the process behind illustrating a book cover, or thinking about going into illustration yourself, Kelly gives some great advice and insight below, as well as a glimpse at her early sketches for the book.
Looking at your website, you’ve working on a lot of book covers and picture books. What was your favourite project to work on?

It’s difficult to pinpoint which project I have enjoyed the most. Most of the time, projects run several months up to several years. I can say that by the end of every project, there is a real desire to clear the desk and send the art along to it’s next destination. When I start packing it up for shipment, that’s when I start to get a bit nervous and want to keep reworking them. I enjoy projects for what they are: Picturebooks are a chance to really push my color and chapter books are to really celebrate character. Behind the Bookcase was one of my more beloved books to work on because it allowed me to show my darker side. Continue reading

Illustrator Spotlight: Mélanie Delon

ScarletIt’s sadly been a little while since I posted an Illustrator Spotlight post so I’m very excited to welcome the talented Mélanie Delon to the blog today, who was kind enough to agree to an interview. I know a lot of you have read and loved Scarlet by A. C Gaughen (myself included) and I know I personally fell immediately in love with the cover the first time I saw it, months before it’s release. Mélanie’s digital paintings are simply arresting. I particularly love her historically inspired pieces. Today she tells us a little bit about her work.

Have you worked on a lot of book covers? Is it something you’d be interested doing more of?

I’ve done around 40/50 book covers, mainly for fantasy novels. I truly love doing this kind of work, it’s really different from my usual personal work and it’s so refreshing. I have to understand the author’s vision and depict a character which is not mine, so the work is really interesting for me to do.

Continue reading

Illustrator Spotlight: Jim Kay

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

A recently published YA book that deserves an award for both the story and the illustrations is A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. This is all-round storytelling at it’s very best. Once read, it’s almost impossible to imagine experiencing this book without the illustrations.

I’ve always been drawn to darker, edgier illustration and I’ve always particularly loved the texture and markings that come from traditional printmaking. The composition, energy and use of space in these drawings is stunning, but I personally find it is the use of shadows and lighting that really makes these. Continue reading