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From now on, I’ve decided to take part in Letterbox Love, a weekly meme to showcase your newest books set up by a group of UK bloggers and hosted by Narratively Speaking. I thought this seemed like a fantastic opportunity to get to know some of my fellow UK bloggers a bit better.

There’s also Showcase Sunday, hosted by Books, Biscuits and Tea and also Stacking the Shelves over at Tynga’s Reviews which I’ll doubtless check out as well.

This week I’ve got some great books to share with you guys…

Prize Pack won from The Book Smugglers

I was so excited to win these two after reading a lot about N. K. Jemisin from the always awesome Book Smugglers. They have brilliant taste in books and I’m always on the look out not only for excellent YA fantasy, but also multicultural books. I’m in the middle of reading the first of her other trilogy The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms at the moment and loving it.

Cold Magic by Kate Elliott has been on my wishlist for over a year now and cannot wait to sink my teeth into this one.


Another great week for swapping books! I finally got a copy of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern to read, though I’m still hankering after the book cover shown on the link! This one has gotten a lot of glowing reviews and I gather it is very descriptive so I’m going to wait until I’m in the right mood before picking this up.

So I love books about the Tudors and I simply cannot wait to read VIII by Harriet Castor. It’s one I’ve had my eye on for a while now and though it hasn’t gotten hundreds of reviews on Goodreads yet, the 43 ratings it has generated have been overwhelmingly positive. This is about Henry VIII when he was younger and I’m curious to see how Castor handles the challenge of creating a likeable protagonist who turns into the tyrant we all know from history.


I pre ordered The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen the moment I first heard about it, months prior to its release. Unreliable narrators, thieves and junior fantasy are like all my favourite things combined so I was incredibly excited to see if this lived up to my expectations. I’ll let you wonder on the answer to that question for now, but my review will be up later this week (I promise!)

You all don’t need me to tell you how awesome sauce Pixar is do you?! (Have they ever released a bad film? Answer: No) But their artwork is simply stunning. I collect Pixar Concept Art books and look what came to my door this week! The Art of Brave!!!! I had a quick flick through and got all fluttery over the pretty pictures but I can’t look at it properly until I’ve seen the film, obviously. However, rest assured I will be sharing some of the magic within with you guys in a few weeks time once the film has been released!

I also bought these Bookplate stickers from Waterstones, that you can put inside your books with your name on. I loved the illustration design, but I can’t quite decide if I really want to start sticking stuff inside my precious books lol!

What do you think?

As always, comment away and feel free to leave link backs to your own weekly haul!


3 thoughts on “Letterbox Love 1

  1. Brilliant letterbox, especially first 2 books, Amy! I’m drooling all over my screen now ;))) I hope you have a gorgeous week reading all these yummy book goodies, enjoy!

  2. That’s a great haul :). Oh you got The night circus ! I heard amazing things about this book I bought it a few months ago and I really need to read it this summer !
    Oh and I can’t wait to see Brave 😀 !!!!
    Happy reading !

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