Its been a year…

…since I started Turn the Page. I cannot believe its gone by so quickly. Its been a pretty amazing year though.I started this blog because I was bored, restless and had no one to chat to about my favourite books and characters. And I love talking about books.Then I stumbled across Forever YA and from there, The Story Siren and Goodreads, and suddenly I had discovered this whole online world filled with people like me. People who love to read and can finish a good book in a single evening and get overly about new releases and fangirl over their favourite characters. But more than that, I discovered that I wasn’t the only girl in her twenties still haunting the ‘teenage’ section of the bookstore! In fact, there’s a crazy amount of us out there, and once I started searching I came across so many YA book blogs I couldn’t keep up with a tenth of them if I tried. Before I used to feel awkward admitting the kind of books I was reading, now I’ve become that annoying friend who keeps bugging you to read this and read that and read it now!!! (I’m fairly certain they all still love me in spite of that)

A year ago, I had hit a major reading slump. During uni my reading had dwindled to almost nothing, I was bored with my own collection of books and I had no idea how to find new authors. Nowadays my amazon wish list is currently over 400 and every other day I seem to come across another book I want to read. And that’s really because of all those amazing book bloggers out there who spend a lot of their time sharing, promoting and recommending their favourite reads. This past year I’ve been introduced to what I consider three of my very favourite authors of all time, Melina Marchetta, Patrick Ness and Elizabeth Wein. I’ve been in contact with a couple of publishers and had a few books sent for review, I’ve finally got my butt onto Twitter (though I’m still pretty bad at keeping up to date with it!), I’ve emailed and chatted to some amazing and inspiring authors and illustrators and even had some of them do guest posts on my little blog. I’ve finally started reading e-books. I’ve learnt a lot about blogging platforms and self-hosting and RSS feeds, all of which has directly led to me to getting this amazing internship with an illustration agent (I start on Monday!!!) I’ve been invited to write reviews for another book blog, Mostly Reading YA, got to go to my first bloggers lunch at Hachette.

And I’ve made some great friends.It’s a lot of hard work. I still have days where I secretly worry if anyone’s really reading what I’m writing, or if my reviews are any good at all compared to the funny, thought-provoking, intelligent reviewers I stalk follow. I remain in awe of the bloggers who manage to post quality reviews several times a week without fail. Who are always chatting about books on Goodreads and Twitter. I have no idea how they do it. If there’s one thing I want to do this next year it’s to make better use of Twitter and to try to join in with the community more and reach out and strike up conversations with fellow bloggers and book lovers (I’m a little bit shy sometimes).So this is a big thank you to those guys who helped me out and gave me advice when I was starting out, to my Goodreads friends who brighten up my day and who recommend books they think I’ll like, to the people give occasional shout outs to my little corner of the world. And a big thank you to my readers who come here and listen to me babble on and who leave lovely comments. I appreciate you all and I hope that I may have even encouraged you try out an author or two. along the way.

And if you read all this you really do deserve a gold star.

Or a book giveaway 😉

So check in later to find out all about my One Year Blogoversary Giveaway!


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