Book Breakup: Sword of Light by Katherine Roberts


Sword of Light by Katherine RobertsI feel particularly bad about not finishing this, since Templar kindly sent it to me for review, and it seems like the kind of book I probably would have enjoyed as a kid. I’m not going to rate it, because if I did based on my own enjoyment it would pretty low and I don’t feel that is exactly fair, given that I not only didn’t finish reading this, but that I’m also roughly fifteen years older than the intended audience.

I have read and thoroughly enjoyed a lot of junior fiction, but this one, for whatever reason, just didn’t click for me. The writing was just too simple and I found the characters un-engaging. Unfortunately I couldn’t warm to the heroine. She was the kind of character who is incredibly naive yet thinks she knows best and basically causes a lot of bother for everyone else along the way. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. In this case, I found her bossy and difficult to like. This is quite a long book for its age group and I personally found the story slow going.

I was honestly surprised that Sword of Light failed to capture my interest. I love anything to do with the legends of King Arthur and when I first heard the synopsis for it I was very excited about the book. One of the greatest legends retold, but with a Pendragon woman (or girl in this case), at the helm? Definitely my kind of book. Sadly, I found myself picking this up, growing bored and putting it back down again several times over the last few months, and so I’ve finally decided to call it a day.

It’s such a shame, but I wouldn’t discourage any little readers from picking this up, as they may well enjoy it far more than I. It has all the components for a fantastic, magical adventure but, personally, it didn’t come together.

Read: 249/463 pages

*Many thanks to Templar for sending this for review*

A (brutally honest) feature created by the lovely Lori at Pure Imagination.


One thought on “Book Breakup: Sword of Light by Katherine Roberts

  1. Sorry you didn’t like it! I understand, though. It seems like there’s always a small risk with reading MG. You never know if it’s going to be on your level or hold your attention.

    Thanks for participating!

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