Cover Corner: Jason Chan

Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev

As soon as I saw the book cover for Eyes Like Stars I knew I had to read it. It’s just so pretty. Beautifully rendered, and it’s so unusual to see an illustration like this on the cover of a YA book that it didn’t really matter to me what the story was about. The best illustrations give you sense of the story within, and I think this digital painting by concept artist and illustrator Jason Chan does just that.

Gorgeous rich colours, beautiful subtle lighting, a girl with the kind of hair I only wish I could pull off, and fairies (and not just any fairies, but the fairies from A Midsummer Night’s Dream!). I didn’t even care about reading any reviews on whether the story was any good or not. When a book is graced with such quality illustration and design, I tend to just assume the story inside with live up to the artwork. I love how Square Fish has allowed the artwork sell the book, and kept any font to a bare minimum. These initial drawings and work-in-progress pictures give you an idea of how Jason Chan created the illustration…


Jason Chan has done the artwork for the covers of all three books in the series. All are lovely, but I think the third cover, So Silver Bright, is my personal favourite. The detail on the dress and thick theatre curtain is exquisite and I love the darker tones. I also enjoy seeing how the main protagonist’s hair keeps changing with each cover!

To read an interview with Jason Chan about his work on the Theatre Illuminata series, click here. You can also check out his other work on his blog here.


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